The Future is Trending

In this sequence spanning a decade from 2023-2032, it is the future itself that is trending. Inspired by the language of trend forecasters who anticipate decades ahead how we will live, think and even feel, the poems fashion their own ‘macro trends’ in terms at once absurd, eerie and fragile in their own logic. 

The cover of the book’s cover, Marrs Green was voted ‘The World’s favourite colour’ in 2017 in a major survey conducted by the British paper merchant G.F. Smith. The colour was submitted by Annie Marrs, A UNESCO worker from Dundee, Scotland, who was inspired by the green and grey tones of the river Tay.

The story came full circle, when, after the book was published, I met a friend of Annie Marrs by chance at Bound in Edinburgh, a group sharing ideas on books and bookbinding, and so was able to send her a copy. 

Numerology was provided by Graeme Lyall, the founder of Bound in Edinburgh, at the same meeting, when he pointed out that 2032 is the name of an album by the prog rock group Gong with themes of peace and ecology. Another random coincidence is that the next transit of Mercury will occur in 2032, and when the Scottish government has pledged to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. Thanks Graeme. 

Limited edition of 200, signed and numbered.  £15 incl. p+p.

Published October 2019, designed by Julia Stone, and printed by ripedigital.

Available at Bookartbookshop (London) Fruitmarket Book Shop, Typewronger (Edinburgh), Printspace Dundee and Motto Books (Berlin).